DM22 is a desktop-dual circuit microphone which integrates and transfers high quality Dante network audio. It is the key to a full system for Xilica audio, existing now a media matrix, power amplifier, Column loudspeaker with Dante.
DM22 is powered via PoE. Improving the system flexibility under some simple installation, DM22 configures with Dante module, high sound quality, little delay in long distance transmission, is an ideal option for pursue of HD audio.
DM22 integrated in the Xilica Designer software library, installed on iOS and Windows computer, to achieved the system debug and control. The XilicaDesigner not only can control Xilica’s FR, QR, Neutrino, Uno, CM series Media Matrix, but can also design a network audio transmission tracks to XPower Class D switching power supply Amplifier with Dante protocol, or can transmit to the CS series column loudspeaker for sound reinforcement. The whole system can ride freely on Dante’s network signal.


Dual circuit microphone design, electrets capacitive heart-shaped single-directional microphone

Best Anti-disturb ability, simple, fast installation

Elegant structure design, meets modern engineering, very modern

Built-in pre-power supply and amplifier components on the head, external connect with PoE interchanger to work

Design for conference, television broadcast, professional audio recording and other applications in need of high quality system.

Built-in high quality and low frequency damping circuit, easily cut to under 80Hz frequency smoothly. It can reduce the sniffing sound received when speech at a close range, the environment noise, and also the echo in the room and mechanical vibration sound

Integrated to the XilicaDesigner device library, a drag and drop design software, cooperate with other Xilica product

On Dante audio network, can expand to 512 two-way audio channel


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Designed and Engineered in Germany